Puerto Rico based design studio, MabArts, has been the leading company in Illustration, Animation and Character Design for the past several years. Originally a 1 man band, MabsArts has recently expanded to include 2 artist, and a creative director/assistant.

With over 10 years of experience in the field, MabsArts has created the perfect combination of quality art for any creator. MabsArts evolution of professional art services has allowed them to work with companies such as; Fiverr.com, Ferraioli Inc, and with over 2,000 happy clients on Fiverr alone, MabsArts is the choice for you.


You can purchase one of our gigs there, or catch us posting art, merch and all tons of fun stuff at: http://facebook.com/mabsarts and whenever there’s time you can always contact C.E.O and Founder, Antonio Luis Rodriguez Padilla “Mabs” on Twitter (@AntonioMabs)